Civic Gaze (2023-ongoing)

Vernon C. Bain Center (2022-ongoing)

Parallel Construction (2021)

Antigora (2021)

Edgelands (2021)

Waterways - ongoing

DMYCC (2005-2017)

Snow Cab (2016)

Scott (2016)

Joey (2015)

IDWGU (2012)

Artist commissions (commercial)

Camera work

Sean Vegezzi is an artist and researcher who has examined urban topographies and infrastructures through image-making, site-specific installation, sculpture, and writing. Vegezzi's practice begins from lived experience and investigates civic life in relation to issues of autonomy, privacy, security, carcerality, and policing.

Currently, they are pursuing a dual BA degree in Urban Studies and Psychology at The New School in New York City while working as a director and cinematographer and engaged in a long-term project centered on the Vernon C. Bain Correctional Center (VCBC). VCBC is an 800-bed, 191-meter floating detention facility moored in the East River within the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. Their goal is to create a publicly accessible archive on the facility within New York City, to provide activists and whistleblowers with full context on the facility's history and infrastructure, and to provide an opportunity for the general public to examine one of the most inaccessible carceral structures in the city.