Snow Cab catalogues an eponymous installation of works by Sean Vegezzi made between 15 and 22 November 2015. Installed within a vacated retail unit within Lower Manhattan, the works of Snow Cab actively blend and respond to the inert post-consumer space they inhabit, a space in which subsequent to their exhibition the works were left, in situ.

"At the very moment a police officer in New York fires his weapon at a man wielding a knife in Midtown, that event no longer belongs to the police officer, the man with the knife, or the people nearby. Actually, it would make more sense to say that the man who draws the knife is losing ownership of his narrative at the very moment he takes his knife out and displays it to anybody other than himself."

Snow Cab was launched on Thursday 26 May 2016 in a special event at 1 Crown Court, an empty office in the City of London.